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From the Editor…

UP FRONT…  Porsche may primarily be a manufacturer of SUVs these days, but actually it’s now making more sports cars than ever before, too. Not bad going, we say

It’s that time of year when Porsche releases its sales figures and we enthusiasts bemoan the fact that Porsche no longer makes sports cars, but has become the mass producer of SUVs, with a sideline in sports cars. And that is kind of correct, when you consider that Porsche’s best selling product is the Macan, with over 95,000 shifted in 2016. That’s a big number and testimony to the popularity of the SUV concept, which has gone from niche to very much mainstream. Sports cars? Now they’re niche, always have been and always will be, when you consider the built in restrictions that come with cars built for pure enjoyment.

Where Porsche has been immensely clever is to recognise that and position itself in other sectors. The world didn’t know it needed a Porsche SUV or super saloon, but Porsche did, or at least strongly suspected it did.

But Porsche hasn’t given up on sports cars and neither have buyers. As you will read in the news pages in this issue, far from being a shrinking market, Porsche sold more 911s in 2016 than ever before, at 32,409. Add to that 25,000 or so Boxster and Cayman sales and Porsche sells more sports cars now than when it sold nothing but sports cars. That’s not just clever, it’s having your cake and scoffing the lot. And, let’s not forget, there is also the small matter of being the world’s most profitable manufacturer on that back of that, too. Respect due? We think so.

Steve Bennett
Email: porscheworld@chpltd.com


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