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UP FRONT…  Getting excited about a modern project Porsche that aims to replicate the driving experience of the 911 past

When 911&PW contributor, Jeremy Laird, told me that he was following the build of a lightweight 996 project, with carbon bodywork and roof, a myriad of home-brewed suspension solutions, air-con delete, including all bracketry in the engine bay and – get this – no power steering, I knew it had 911&PW written all over it. That it was going to be driven in my neck of the woods was a bonus, as it meant that I got to meet its creator, Richard Beaumont, and take it for a drive, too. His choice of a 996 C2 for this project was an interesting one, particularly given how much he has spent, but his reasoning is solid: it is, he reckons, the last of the truly mechanical Porsches right down to its old school throttle cable (only found on very early 996s).

His choice of a 996 C2 for this project was an interesting one

Anything later and the nannying effects of electronics start to worm their way in and the true passive driving experience begins to be lost. The 996, then, is an ideal starting point for a project that was inspired by the driving experience of earlier air-cooled 911s like the R and ST. And Richard has certainly succeeded. It drives like no other modern Porsche I’ve encountered. The drastic weight loss programme has altered the dynamic movement of the car, giving it a very different balance, and the steering is a revelation. Sure you have to work it a bit, but blimey does it reward. A worthy cover car indeed. A word of warning. You’ll find a rather radical kit car Boxster in this issue. With Boxster prices where they are, it was always going to present itself as a donor car. I’m just waiting for a Boxster based Beach Buggy. I’m told it’s on its way!

Steve Bennett
Email: porscheworld@chpltd.com


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