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UP FRONT...  The future is electric, but don’t write of petrol just yet. Porsche isn’t and we don’t need to either

This month’s News pages are a good example of the general state of flux for Porsche and the motoring world in general. We lead with a story regarding the Mission E concept which is now a couple of years from launch and promises a look into the all-electric future. Turn the page however and there’s Porsche still playing with fossil fuels and smashing the Nürburgring lap record with the new 991 GT2 RS. Mixed messages perhaps but in today’s motoring climate there is still room for both activities and presumably in the future too despite what the doom mongers may predict. I’m quite looking forward to becoming a car ‘hobbyist.’ If the future means that I have to have some sort of electric conveyance

“I’m quite looking forward to becoming a car ‘hobbyist”

(I say conveyance because it might not even look much like a car) for – say – driving in town centres then fine by me. I see it as being some sort of utilitarian device probably white with some gadgets and soothing interior. It might even be autonomous although I don’t buy that whole revolution just yet. As long as the quid pro quo is the common sense agreement that petrol cars are not going to be driven off the road and can be used where fit for purpose and for leisure then I’m perfectly happy with that. I don’t believe that we are seeing the last hurrah but just a transition period and one that’s going to take many years to pan out. There will be many more Nürburgring lap records to be broken. But maybe this will be the last one for an all petrol powered 911 and you get the feeling that Porsche really turned the wick up this time for that very reason.

Steve Bennett
Email: porscheworld@chpltd.com


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