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From the Editor…

UP FRONT...  Porsche gives hardcore 911 fans what they want in the shape of the new 911 T

Joyous news! Porsche has been listening to the vocal anguish of the real Porsche enthusiast and at last built a driver focused 911 that isn’t a limited editon GT. Enter the 911 T. OK, so Club Sport might have been a better moniker, but let’s not moan too much here because I reckon that now, finally, there’s a 991 that I’d quite like to drive.

I had my ‘Ratner’ moment with the 991 some time ago, deriding it as rather less involving to drive than the 997 and just too big for UK roads anymore. The usual C2 sweet spot combined a torque light 3.4-litre engine with incompatible gearing, while the S was bloated and wide. And then the turbos arrived to change the character of the 911 forever, but at least they managed to mask the eco gear ratios with oodles of mid range. And interestingly, while 997 prices are rock steady at £50k+ for good, late C4Ss and £65k+ for GTSs, secondhand 991 prices are sliding well below that, despite being the newer model. Something is not quite right there.

I love the fact that the 7- speed manual gearbox has shorter gear ratios”

But back to the 911 T. OK, I haven’t driven it yet and, as I scribble this, I hope we’ll be able to get a first drive in the next issue, but I reckon it will be more than the sum of its parts. It’s lighter by a mere 30kg, but I love the fact that it’s sans rear seats and the side glass is thinner and there’s some sound deadening removed. But more than anything I love the fact that the seven-speed manual gearbox has shorter gear ratios. Hurrah! With no need to up the power (370bhp is more than enough), closer ratios will give the T the added zing that the 991 has been without since its launch. A case of better late than never.

Steve Bennett
Email: porscheworld@chpltd.com


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