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From the Editor…

UP FRONT…  “Why modify your Porsche? Because owning a Porsche is about far more than just getting from A to B”

Modify your Porsche? Why would you do that? To which the only real answer has to be, ‘why not?’ Nothing is sacred, not even a Porsche, and for those of us afflicted with the car bug, and the Porsche bug in particular, the notion of ‘standard’ is almost an anathema. Standard is for folk who like to drive around in something that might as well be a domestic appliance. Standard is for folk who are actually looking forward to autonomous cars, and regard not knowing how a car works as a badge of honour. We modify our cars because we care and, of course, because we want our Porsche to be different from someone else’s Porsche.

“Standard is for folk who are looking forward to autonomous cars”

I mention all this because this issue is stuffed with modded machinery. True, the turnout for our mega modded shootout is more from the extreme end of the tuning game, but whatever way you look at it, few of us drive a standard Porsche. When parts wear out the temptation to explore the aftermarket is irresistible. The hope is to improve, but quite often a modification is driven by cost, too. I mean, have you seen the price of an OE Porsche exhaust system recently? That aftermarket stainless steel sports system at half the price is rather tempting.
And mods needn’t be performance enhancing, either. Often they can enhance reliability. Uprated IMS bearing anyone?
Or, of course, they can be just for the sheer creative and engineering pleasure of building a bespoke Porsche, one that stands out, makes a noise and goes like hell. I mean, no one reading this magazine would question that, surely?

Steve Bennett
Email: porscheworld@chpltd.com


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