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From the Editor…

UP FRONT…  “Celebrations within celebrations, as we continue to mark Porsche’s 70th anniversary and mark the 964 at 30”

The Porsche at 70 celebrations continue apace, both in 911&PW and in the wider world. And of course within those 70 years there are plenty of other anniversaries, one of which being 30 years of the 964. A celebration within a celebration, if you like, and fittingly we’re marking the occasion in this issue.

Was the 964 model the first 911 of the modern era? Given that it was the first truly major 911 update, and ushered in four-wheel drive, power steering and coil spring suspension, plus a smoother, more modern look, that question is probably not too far from the truth and it certainly seemed so at the time, when compared to the outgoing impact bumper cars.

“The 964 suffered the sticks and stones of detractors”

Like many new, unfamiliar things, it’s also fair to say that the 964 rather suffered the sticks and stones of detractors, not helped by a few reliability issues, to the point that it became the least-loved and most misunderstood of 911s. It was only the arival of the 996 that brought the 964 some relief!

But 996 owners and would be owners take note, because what goes around, comes around. The 964 was never a bad car, it’s a 911 for goodness’ sake. It was just waiting for the inevitable realignment of perception and market forces and the demise of a few myths. And talking of myths, while I’m not saying that the 996’s engine issues are a myth, there is proof in this issue that they can go the distance. Check out the 300,000-mile 996 on p72. Great car and a great story, too. Enjoy the issue.

Steve Bennett
Email: porscheworld@chpltd.com


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