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From the Editor…

UP FRONT…  “The near 300,000-mile 964 in this issue proves we shouldn’t be afraid of big miles, says Bennett”

Mileage? Now there’s a word that has all sorts of connotations when it comes to cars, and most certainly cars of the Porsche variety. I mention it here because in this issue we have a feature on a largely unremarkable 964 Carrera 2. Unremarkable, that is, until it becomes clear that nearly 300,000-miles have passed under its wheels. Now Porsches traditionally clock up more miles than, say, Italian exotica, and many folk do use them as their main car, particularly in that early, new car period. It’s generally as a Porsche gets older and classic status starts to beckon that the miles start to drop away.
It doesn’t have to be that way, of course, but with classic status comes second or even third car status, or even completely forgotten about with a flat-battery and no MOT status. No, hold on, that’s just my Porsche!

“Both owner and 964 have lived a life the rest of us should be envious of…”

Back to the point and there is equal fascination between super low mileage Porsches and ultra high-mileage Porsches. The former because it gives a snap shot – many years down the line – as to what the car was like new. The latter because mega high-mileage affords a sort of hero status, whether a Porsche or otherwise. And so it is with the 964 in this issue. Both owner and 964 have lived a life that the rest of us should be envious of, having rejected the low mileage versus value conspiracy that grips the classic car ownership experience, particularly in recent years, when low mileage has become the holy grail.

Life is short. There’s a Porsche in the garage. What are we waiting for? Now, where’s my battery charger?

Steve Bennett
Email: porscheworld@chpltd.com


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