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From the Editor…

UP FRONT…  “Ruf’s new Yellowbird, Porsche’s new 992, engine upgrades from Hartech, just to skim the surface of this issue”

The world that is Porsche is as wide as it is long, you’ve only got to look at the front cover of this issue to see that. Ruf’s carbon tubbed, carbon bodied Yellowbird CTR-4 stretches the definition of Porsche to its very limits. Is it a Porsche at all? Well, given that Ruf is classified as a manufacturer in its own right in Germany, it perhaps doesn’t really matter, but I would describe it as a Porsche in shape and mechanical layout only, so radical is it under the skin, despite its retro looks.

The Porsche 992 model 911 is the real factory deal. We’ve got the Porsche approved and sanctioned ‘ride’ story in this issue. It’s certainly rather more than a 991 update, but we’ll reserve full judgement until we get behind the wheel very soon. One thing, though: it’s bloomin’ huge!

“I would say it’s a Porsche in shape and mechanical layout only”

Much more my cup of tea and worthy of a coverline are the new big capacity engines from Hartech. Hartech rebuild 150 M96/M97, flat-six, water-cooled engines a year and figure that, as well as getting a fresh engine, owners might well like something bigger and more powerful, too, for not a lot extra in terms of cost. Enter, then, Hartech’s 3.7-litre and 3.9-litre engines and Barry Hart’s theory of power from torque, rather than the usual obsession with power from revs. And goodness, do they work. My own 996 would certainly benefit, although I’m not wishing an engine rebuild on it any time soon. However, driving Hartech’s modded 996s (and Cayman) did inspire me to at least get the battery charger on it, and book it in for extensive/expensive bodywork repairs. So thanks for that, I think.

Steve Bennett
Email: porscheworld@chpltd.com


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