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From the Editor…

UP FRONT…  “Underneath all the tech frippery that Porsche is trumpeting there is still the 911 that we know and love”

A chance to play this month, as I joined regular 911&PW scribe, Dan Trent, at the Surrey based Longcross test track to tell the story of the modern Porsche 911, with the help of three generations of water-cooled Carrera 2s. Those generations, of course, being the 996, 997 and 991. The idea was to bring things up to date prior to the arrival of the soon to be launched 992. It proved to be a fascinating exercise.

The new Porsche 911: more powerful, dynamic and digital. That’s how Porsche introduced the new 992 model 911 to UK journos on Nov 28th, 2018, further commenting on, first, its ‘more muscular stance’, and second its ‘10.9-inch touchscreen monitor.’ In other words, it’s even bigger than the 991 and it’s packed with even more tech. But then it was hardly going to shrink and it was hardly going to feature less tech.

It’s progress, and the 911 is the perfect machine in which to plot the rise of technology, because no other sports car (save for the Corvette, ’cos I’ve been caught out with this statement before) has been in such a constant state of evolution, whilst still retaining the same basic mechanical layout as the 911.

“I know, easy and rich pickings for the slightly cynical amongst us”

Other tech highlights include ‘Porsche wet mode’, ‘Night Vision Assist’, and a ‘Porsche road trip’ app for extraordinary tours, which will certainly take some of the planning work out of drive stories. Oh, and there’s also a ‘Porsche impact emissions calculator’, for reducing your individual carbon footprint. I know, easy and rich pickings for the slightly cynical amongst us.

But let’s look on the bright side: there’s no hybrid just yet, it’s still stubbornly rear-engined and there’s still nothing quite like a 911 in real world conditions. It will be a car of hidden depths and talents, despite the above frippery, and Porsche will develop the living daylights out of it for the usual seven-year model period. And actually, let’s not be afraid of the hybrid, when it arrives in gen 2 form. Think of all the lessons learnt with the 918 and packaged into the 911. That’s real tech.

Steve Bennett
Email: porscheworld@chpltd.com


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