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From the Editor…

UP FRONT…  “From sub £10k to £40k, there’s a whole load of used premium Porsche goodness out there, says Bennett”

We’ve had a bit of fun this issue, getting out and about and kicking a few tyres, in our quest to find the best used Porsches on the market. We’ve even been a bit cheeky and aped the look of the old paper version of the Autotrader. Remember, when the regional (it started as the Thames Valley Auto Trader, or simply the TVT) issues came out every Thursday? Required reading over a cup of tea and a digestive, and I’m sure most of us have bought or sold a car that way, studying the tiny black and white pics (colour pics did come later), or waiting for an Autotrader snapper to come and take a Polaroid image for the next edition. Happy days, although we would be first to concede that 24 hour, worldwide, online Porsche shopping is very hard to beat.

“24-hour, worldwide, online Porsche shopping is very hard to beat”

So what did we discover on our travels? Well, a market that is packed with temptation, that’s what. Have we ever had it so good? No, I don’t think so. We might moan, sometimes, that Porsches are not quite as special as they once were, but the increased numbers and model range certainly makes for variety and real world prices. Dealers are competing for our business and that’s reflected in the quality of their stock and the preparation that goes into it. There’s very little dross out there. It was encouraging, too, to see prices for classic Porsches starting to come down. A good, useable 911SC for under £30k? We didn’t think we would see that day again, although it’s hard not to reflect that, 10 years ago, the same car would easily have been under £10k. Whevs, as the young folk would say. Fact is, from sub £10k to £40k, there’s some prime Porsches out there.

Steve Bennett
Email: porscheworld@chpltd.com


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