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From the Editor…

UP FRONT…  “The new all-electric Taycan is nearly here and Bennett, for one, is getting quite excited…”

Well, I don’t mind saying, but I’m getting quite excited. The news pages of 911&PW have been packed with stories of Porsche’s electric future for what seems like a few years now, but the reality is getting much, much closer. The news stories have reached the features pages and, in this issue, we have the first passenger experience, riding in the forthcoming all-electric Taycan. Our new columnist and Porschephile, Andrew Frankel, hitched a lift in snowy Lapland during testing. And while being so tantalisingly close to a new car, and not being able to drive it, can be frustrating, it’s at least a chance to get close and talk with the engineers and get some sort of a feel for the machine. Andrew reckons this is Porsche’s most important car since the 911 and it’s hard to disagree, given the future of the motoring landscape.

“The Taycan is Porsche’s most important car since the 911”

Reasons to be interested/excited? When it’s launched later this year, the Taycan will be the most developed, tested and advanced electric car on the market. It’s been conceived as a Porsche, with all the values that comes with that. If Porsche can make a massive Cayenne drive well then you know the Taycan, with its ultra-low centre of gravity (lower than the flat-engined sports cars) and four-wheel drive, will be sensational. Certainly that is the experience from the jump seat. It’s not big either. Just a similar size to say a Merc C class. Power and performance are assured, as are some mad, but apparently sustainable acceleration figures. It will top 300-miles and take an 80% charge in just 20 minutes. It’s just the infrastructure that needs to catch up!

Steve Bennett
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