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From the Editor…

UP FRONT…  Bringing you all things Porsche in an eclectic monthly format is the 911&PW way, says Bennett

Unless there is a specific theme, issues of 911&PW tend to come together in a fairly organic sort of way. Indeed, in these days of super niche publishing, it would be possible to create a magazine devoted entirely to modern Porsches, and while we do have a sort of nominal cut off in deference to our sister title, Classic Porsche, going too niche would rob 911&PW of its traditional eclectic vibe. And besides, if you want niche then there’s a forum and sub forum and probably even a sub forum of the sub forum for every type of Porsche on the internet. 
What am I getting at here? Well, to blow our own trumpet for a moment I can’t help but think this issue embodies the spirit and editorial rationale of this near 30-year-old publication as well as any we’ve produced. Cutting-edge, modern Porsche? We give you the first drive in the all-electric Taycan. 

The Porsche scene is endlessly fascinating and absorbing on so many levels

The last bastion of Porsche’s traditional, flat-six, manual sportscar? That will be the Cayman GT4. You want a bargain? We bring you the return of the sub £10k 911. A counterpoint to all things Porsche? How about the Alpine A110 v Cayman T. Modified? TechArt’s manic GTstreetRS lives up to the German outfit’s extreme reputation. You want DIY? We talk you through a Targa top refurb and a brake pad change. And that’s before we get into the columns, the tyre kicking, the auction watching, products and news. 

Of course, all of the above is a reflection of the Porsche brand and the Porsche scene. It’s endlessly fascinating and absorbing on so many levels and to be too specific would be to miss out, so we’ll continue to bring you the 911&PW take on things via the medium of paper, or a screen if you’re reading this in a digital fashion, in the assumption and knowledge that if it interests us, then it will surely interest you, the reader. 

Steve Bennett
Email: porscheworld@chpltd.com

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