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From the Editor…

UP FRONT: Happy Birthday to us. At 30-years young, we’re still pushing the magazine concept. A bit like Porsche and the 911

If we could, we’d stick a piece of cake to the front cover, but we can’t, so wish us a Happy Birthday anyway. 911 & Porsche World magazine is 30-years old, as of this issue, something of an achievement in the world of publishing, but one that reflects a subject matter well chosen. Single marque magazines come and go depending on the enthusiasm for a particular manufacturer, usually born out of a particular model. For us it’s primarily the enduring 911, already nearly 30-years old when we launched in 1990 and 57-years old in 2020. 

But, it’s not all about the 911. In 1990 the Porsche range consisted of that, plus the not quite so long in the tooth 928 and 944. So a range of just three cars, but a rich back catalogue, too. And while we didn’t know it then, Porsche’s time was just around the corner and we got to witness, report on and drive a whole new world of Porsche stories, production and cars, even if sometimes that challenged the 911&PW editorial comfort zone. Porsche Cayenne anyone? 

Sometimes that challenged the 911&PW editorial comfort zone

In 1990 we’d never have predicted that, much less the notion that Porsche’s SUV sales would outstrip the sportscars, and now, a not too distant future that will rely on electricity. There’s always something to write about and the back catalogue continues to expand. 

For our 25th Anniversary issue, we compiled an all time Top 25 Porsches and we’ve done the same again at 30, canvassing the great and the good of the Porsche world. Of course, there was always going to be the danger that we would get the same result, partcularly the Top 10, but to prove that tastes and opinions shift we have a very different landscape, with a nice mix of modern and classics and the previous Top 2 of 917 and Carrera 2.7 RS dropping from the Top 10 altogether. Fast forward for the full results, and thank you for choosing 911&PW as your Porsche magazine fix of choice. 

Steve Bennett
Email: porscheworld@chpltd.com

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