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Porsche confirm flat-four turbo Boxster/Cayman

Not that it’s much of a secret, but Porsche has confirmed that the revised Boxster and Cayman range, will feature 2-litre turbocharged flat-four cylinder engines.

The range will also be rebranded as 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman in homage to Porsche’s successful 1957 four-cylinder race car.
In adding the 718 reference Porsche is, of course, reinforcing its four-cylinder credentials. It can also point to its current WEC success with the V4 powered 919 Hybrid.
Ultimately, though, this is all part of industry wide engine downsizing in order to cut those pesky emissions.

As to whether the new engines will use twin (like the Gen2 911) turbos, or a single unit is unclear, as are power figures, but expect them to be similar to the outgoing flat-sixes.

Perhaps more importantly is: What will they sound like?
The best case scenario would be something rather like a Subaru Impreza, but that would entirely depend on the firing order of the cylinders.

Expect all this to happen over the course of 2016. More details as and when we get them!



Set of four new top quality Eibach sports springs for the Boxster
Set of four new top quality Eibach sports springs for the Boxster

There was a small delay while a fresh batch were being made in Germany, but the Eibach sports springs have now arrived for my Boxster – the short, fat one in the picture is for the front, the longer one for the rear. According to the blurb they’re made from Silicon Chrome Vanadium High Tensile Steel and are zinc-phosphate coated for longer life: subjectively they certainly feel a cut above the standard fit items on the car.

My local mechanic is fitting them right now and I can’t wait to experience the difference they should make to the Boxster’s handling.

GT2 RS hi

Are there Porsches you shouldn’t modify?

GT2 RSMost of us have got used to the idea of upgrading a fairly modest air-cooled 911 to make it look like a 2.7 RS, but what about more modern examples? This 997 GT2 has been modified and tuned to GT2 RS ‘and beyond’ spec – 750bhp, handmade wheels, fancy diff, etc, etc, etc  – but is yet to attract much interest from buyers, despite being half the price of the genuine item. Is that because they think you should just leave a GT2 alone? Is it wrong to try emulating the spirit of the RS version if it’s not an exact replica?

Give us your thoughts…

911&PW 25th Anniversary issue


Happy Birthday to us. We’re celebrating 911&PW’s 25th Anniversary with a bumper 180 page issue. What’s more, we’ve polled 25 movers and shakers in the Porsche world to come up with a definitive Porsche Top 25. OK, the front cover rather gives the game away, but there’s plenty of surprises behind that iconic red racer! May issue out April 2