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GT2 RS hi

Are there Porsches you shouldn’t modify?

GT2 RSMost of us have got used to the idea of upgrading a fairly modest air-cooled 911 to make it look like a 2.7 RS, but what about more modern examples? This 997 GT2 has been modified and tuned to GT2 RS ‘and beyond’ spec – 750bhp, handmade wheels, fancy diff, etc, etc, etc  – but is yet to attract much interest from buyers, despite being half the price of the genuine item. Is that because they think you should just leave a GT2 alone? Is it wrong to try emulating the spirit of the RS version if it’s not an exact replica?

Give us your thoughts…

Modified 964 impresses


We’ve just driven this Specialist Components modded 964. They’ve ditched the air flow meter, created a bespoke ECU and and the whole thing is plug-in and play. The result? 285bhp and oodles of torque and driveability. We didn’t want to stop driving it. Look out for full test in thye November issue and check out: http://www.specialist-components.co.uk/